For this unit, your group will be responsible for two projects. Both projects should answer all essential questions.

Essential Questions:

1. What is energy?
2. How does energy cause change?
3.How can energy affect our world?

Project 1: Teach Your Topic

Using your assigned energy form, you and your group members will do the following -

  1. Research your energy form. All work will be done in your Google doc.
    1. Find out how your energy form fits the definition of energy.
    2. Find out how your energy form can show potential and kinetic energy.
    3. Find ways your energy form can transform into other energy forms.
    4. Keep a list of sources. Cite them properly. Use the citation link here.
  2. Find two experiments to perform for the class. For each experiment, you must have a properly written experiment.
    1. One experiment will demonstrate potential and kinetic energy for your form.
    2. One experiment will demonstrate the transformation of your energy form into another form.
  3. Choose one experiment that the whole class will perform with you.
    1. Create a directions sheet for the class to follow.
    2. Gather materials - enough for each team to complete the experiment.
    3. Create a question sheet that students should be able to answer upon completion of the experiment.

Project 2: What have you learned about energy?
  1. Take careful notes during group presentations. All notes will be completed in your Google doc.
  2. Create a video, podcast, etc that will demonstrate your understanding of energy, most especially relating to the essential questions.
  3. Be sure to include information about all energy forms in your presentation.