Welcome to Energizing Energy!


This project will allow fifth graders to learn about an energy topic and create both experiments and projects demonstrating this knowledge. Students in New York and Nevada will connect, collaborate, and learn together.

Essential Questions:

1. What is energy?
2. How does energy cause change? Be specific with regard to your assigned form of energy.
3. What effect does/can your form of energy have on our world?

Your project assignment:

Using your assigned energy form, you and your group members will do the following -

  1. Research your energy form.
  2. Find two experiments to perform with the class.
    1. One experiment will demonstrate potential energy and kinetic for your form.
    2. One experiment will demonstrate the transformation of your energy form into another form.
  3. Create a final project demonstrating what you learned about energy. See the final project page for more details.

Each of you will be responsible for the information you learn from other groups, so take notes during experiments.

This wiki was created by Lisa Parisi. Feel free to contact her at lparisi@herricks.org for further information.

Image: 'celestial light'